Blog: ‘Monster Builder’ is the New ‘Pokemon’-like Monster Collecting RPG from DeNA

I think it’s safe to say we are not lacking in Pokemon-like games on mobile, and we’ve even got some actual official Pokemon stuff both released and currently in the works. That isn’t stopping DeNA from taking a stab at the genre though with their new monster-collecting-and-battling RPG Monster Builder. To be honest, it actually sounds really cool. A bunch of aliens invade Earth, and to fight back scientists actually take various types of alien DNA from the battlefield and use it to mix and match with other DNA to create all manner of crazy monsters to use as weapons. Here’s the animated intro for Monster Builder.

The whole DNA mixing thing sounds really neat, and DeNA promises there will be thousands of combinations of monsters to create. In addition to that, there are four elemental types and four monster types so you can build up your custom teams of monsters to suit your own tastes and counter your opponents in battle. The press release notes that Monster Builder is currently in testing in various territories, and that it’ll be heading to Android first ahead of the iOS launch, so you may want to check your local App Stores to see if it’s there in soft-launch. Otherwise look forward to the full release of Monster Builder at some point later this month.

Source: TouchArcade

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