We Happy Few Looks Like Bioshock, But Is a Very Different Beast

The intro to Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few comes straight out of George Orwell’s nightmares, with people taking pills of Joy to ignore the fact that their dystopian world is so terrible. It’s an aesthetic that immediately drew comparisons to Bioshock, a franchise with a similar style and tone, but the setting is where the similarities both begin and end.

Compulsion debuted the opening of We Happy Few at E3 2016 and introduced people to Arthur Hastings, an employee at City Hall’s Department of Archives, Recycling and Printing in the not-so-happy town of Wellington Wells. He proves to be a Downer, a person who refuses to take the Joy drug that prevents them from seeing how dystopic the world has become, and his escape from Wellington Wells drives a big portion of the game.

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Source: IGN Video Games

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