The Flash Television Series Gives Wally West a New, Heroic Role

The next season of The Flash will have multiple speedsters. Kieynan Lonsdale’s role of Wally West gets a major boost as he will appear as Kid Flash during season 3 of the CW series.


The season premiere, which is titled "Flashpoint," will have the first appearance of Lonsdale in his very own superhero costume. The actor celebrated the announcement with a tweet featuring himself in his new outfit, telling his followers, "Kid Flash is coming."

Last year, Wally West was hit with a surge of energy, which led many people to believe he could become more like his super-fast comic book counterpart. However, Barry Allen–The Flash–went back in time at the end of season 2 in order to save his mother’s life, much like in the DC Comics story Flashpoint. Will this Kid Flash only exist in the alternate timeline Barry created by saving his mother, or will this change carry over into the main timeline after the story is concluded?

Fans will find out more when Lonsdale becomes Kid Flash on the season premiere of The Flash which airs on Tuesday, October 4 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Source: GameSpot

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