Doctor Strange After-Credits Scene–What Do They Mean?

Marvel’s Doctor Strange is now in theaters. The movie gave us the character’s origin and showed us a new corner of the Cinematic Universe. You can check out our review here.

Like other Marvel Studios films, there are mid- and after-credits scenes. These sometimes tease another Marvel movie or give an idea what’s next for the main character. There will be spoilers for Doctor Strange below.

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Now that Doctor Strange won a huge battle and saved the world, it appears he’s trying to prevent other problems from happening. The scene opens with a guest in Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. Thor is having a conversation with the doctor while consuming a giant mug of beer and asks if he’s a wizard. Strange wants to know why he and Loki are in New York. Thor replies they are looking for their father, Odin. Once they find him, they will return to Asgard. Strange sees their presence as a possible magnet for other trouble and offers to help in order to expedite their departure.

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Thor’s appearance shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. An image was recently revealed showing Chris Hemsworth holding a card with Doctor Strange’s Greenwich Village address. While it’s been known that Hulk would be appearing in next year’s Thor: Ragnarok, the image, and this scene, suggest Strange will have a role in the movie as well. It’s also been confirmed Strange will appear in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War.

The end-credit scene features Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) visiting Jonathan Pangborn (Benjamin Bratt). Pangborn miraculously recovered from a crippling injury and was the person that told Stephen Strange about the Ancient One. Mordo has become disillusioned with the revelation of the Ancient One’s methods and Strange’s action during the course of the movie. Pangborn briefly was a student and decided to use magic to heal himself rather than for the greater good of the world. Mordo takes this ability away, leaving Pangborn injured once again and declares there are "too many sorcerers."

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While Mordo played a big part in helping Strange find his new path, the version in the comic had darker intentions. He was a student and betrayed the Ancient One in the service of Dormammu. He went on to become one of Strange’s biggest enemies. It’s a safe bet there will be a sequel to Doctor Strange. After the new Sorcerer Supreme helps Thor and the Avengers, he’ll likely have his hands full dealing with Mordo’s new quest.

Doctor Strange is now playing in theaters.

Source: GameSpot

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