Blizzard’s updating Overwatch’s non-event loot boxes

New emotes for Reaper, Sombra and Orisa are coming

Blizzard Entertainment is holding a one-year anniversary event for Overwatch starting next week, bringing with it a batch of fresh, still-to-be-revealed content for the hero-based shooter. But the release of the Overwatch Anniversary event will also include some non-event-related game content as well.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan said in an interview with Polygon that Blizzard will also refresh the game’s standard loot boxes with a few things fans have been asking for — specifically laughing and sitting emotes for post-release characters Sombra and Orisa. Kaplan said the Overwatch team wanted to give fans a few new cosmetics untethered to events.

Blizzard is also reacting to fan feedback by adding that smarmy, meme-worthy shrug that Gabriel “Reaper” Reyes did in the recent Overwatch Uprising comic.

Reaper’s sarcastic shrug was quickly embraced by the Overwatch community, resulting in requisite fan art and attempts by fans to recreate the move, as seen in the render from Deviantart user dahshi above. It’ll come to the game as an emote and spray next week.

Source: Polygon – Xbox One


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