‘Crushy Bricks’ from Umbrella and Natty Games Soft Launching June 8th, Releasing Worldwide July 6th

During GDC this past March, we sat down with Umbrella Games to see a few of their upcoming titles. One of those was a matching game called Crushy Bricks which they’re developing in partnership with Natty Games. While I’m not typically eager to see a new matching game, Crushy Bricks took me by surprise with the really clever way it strips the genre down to the bare minimum. Rather than making matches on a board, you’ll only have to contend with a single string of blocks and your goal is to swipe away blocks to allow others to drop and connect at least 3 of the same color to clear them. Sort of a mashup of regular matching game and Zuma. Check out the brand new trailer.

The reason I’m bringing all this up is because Umbrella has sent word that Crushy Bricks is just about finished up, and they’ve settled on a release date. First they’ll be soft launching the game in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand on June 8th, followed by a worldwide release on July 6th. It’s hard to get a feel for just how interesting Crushy Bricks is just from the trailer, so if you missed our hands-on demo from GDC be sure to give that a look as it’s much more in-depth and look for the game’s soft launch next month and full launch in July.

Source: TouchArcade


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