The Witcher Dev Not Involved in Netflix TV Series

While The Witcher will soon become a television series, the development team behind its successful video game adaptation won’t play a role in the show.

CD Projekt RED, developer of the successful Witcher game franchise has confirmed to IGN that the studio "is actually not involved in" The Witcher Netflix series announced earlier today.

"CD Projekt RED is actually not involved in this. We wish this project all the best and are looking forward to watching the series on Netflix," a representative for the studio told IGN.

The studio’s comment lines up with the announcement of the series, which briefly mentions the game adaptations but makes no mention of direct involvement from the studio, while going on to explain that the series is based on "the globally popular fantasy saga from Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski," who does not receive royalties from the game franchise. The Witcher games have of course been part of that global popularity, as evidenced by The Wticher 3: Wild Hunt selling six million copies in its first six weeks of release in 2015 and the overall Witcher series having sold more than 25 million copies.

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Source: IGN PC Articles


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