Destiny 2 Gameplay: Watch The First Nine Minutes Here

As part of today’s big Destiny 2 event, Bungie showcased a portion of the game. This features gameplay from an early mission called Homecoming, and you can watch it above.

This clip starts out with a cinematic sequence as the Tower comes under attack. We then see actual gameplay for the first time, as the player attempts to repel a Cabal assault on what had primarily served as a social space (and later a Crucible map) in the first Destiny.

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The video shows off two new weapon types: the grenade launcher and a chaingun of sorts. Also on display are some new Super abilities, which you can read more about here. Following the segment on the Tower, the action moves to a Cabal ship. The video wraps up as the player encounters the big villain of Destiny 2, Ghaul, a Cabal warlord and the leader of the Red Legion. He ominously states, "Your journey ends here" as the demo comes to an end.

After the event, we also spoke with project lead Mark Noseworthy to learn more about Guided Games and the new weapon system. For more on Destiny 2, check out our roundup of all the news and videos from today’s event.

Source: GameSpot


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