Destiny 2 Will Have Official Clan Support And Guided Games

Destiny 2 was officially shown off today, and during its reveal stream developer Bungie announced a big change to its cooperative modes: it will have “Guided Games,” which is a way for solo players to matchmake with established clans to take on end-game and high-leveled content.

In the first Destiny, Raids and Nightfall Strikes, the hardest and most rewarding activities in the game, did not have matchmaking but required a group of players. Solo players thus did not have the ability to easily access these activities. Now, the Guided Games system allows players to search for clans, read a little about each clan, and choose which one they want to play with. A group of players from the clan then help the solo player through the Nightfall or Raid. In exchange, a group of five players who needs a sixth can use the system to fill that gap.

In addition, Bungie announced that Destiny 2 will have official in-game clan support. This includes being able to view, organize, and join a clan without having to use the Bungie website. Custom banners will allow clans to customize, as well. Finally, there’ll be clan rewards earned by playing the game.

Bungie previously announced Destiny 2’s release date as September 8 alongside special editions of the game. Destiny 2 will have a season pass called the Expansion Pass, which includes “Expansion I and Expansion II, offering brand new story missions, cooperative activities, competitive multiplayer, and a wealth of new weapons, armor, and gear.”

Destiny 2 is headed to PC in addition to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will offer PS4-exclusive content until at least Fall 2018. An open beta will be available to everyone sometime this summer, but if you pre-order the game you can play the beta early.

Source: GameSpot


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