Episode 34 – Yelling at a Building

We’re honored to have James Jones from Radio Free Nintendo join us for our Developer Dive on Capcom!

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We’re happy and honored to be joined by the one and only James Jones, host of Radio Free Nintendo. As per usual we kick off the show by taking a look at James’ history with the site and podcasting before getting into What We’ve Been Playing. Casey starts us off with his first experience with Mama in the most recent installment in the series, Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop. The game is extremely charming, but does it offer enough to keep him coming back for more? James steps up next with some Nontendo goodness in the form of Persona 5. He recently finished the near 100 hour adventure and gives his final impressions on it and where it stacks up against the third and fourth installments in the franchise.

The gang decides to skip Perry because he isn’t important and get into the important things like the eShop Round Up and News Talk! This is a very special episode as it’s the first time no Wii U games were released since the podcast started (confirmation on this fact is pending). While not the beefiest news section the boys get into some sales figures for Blaster Master Zero, preorder numbers for Disgaea as well as what Nintendo has in store for us come E3. Oh yeah and a very important Cooking Mama poll with the future of the franchise in flux!

After a quick break we get into our feature segment, Developer Dive – Capcom! We brought Mr. Capcom himself in for this special topic where we look back at the history of the company as well as what the future might hold. We conclude the topic with our favorite franchise and top three Capcom games.

Make sure to check out James on Radio Free Nintendo!

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Source: Nintendo World Report Updates


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