Here’s What $450 Worth of Corsair’s Special Edition RAM Looks Like

Corsair recently sent us its Dominator Platinum Special Edition Torque DDR4 memory. The 32GB RAM kit costs a staggering $449.99, which totally puts it in the overkill category. Let’s unbox it and walk you through some of its technical specifications.

The RAM is designed for Intel’s X99 and 200-series chipsets. Why are they so expensive? Corsair says that it uses the company’s top tier integrated circuits and can safely overclock to 3600MHz as a result.

Taking the sleeve off.

The RAM kit includes a thank-you note from Corsair’s CEO.

Inside the box.

For whatever reason, the box includes a microfiber cloth.

The RAM sticks are covered by an adhesive plastic, which we subsequently removed.

The RAM sticks use an anodized aluminum chassis. Corsair says that there are 10 layers to the printed circuit board (PCB), which the company asserts allows for better memory signaling.

If you look closely to the top left corner of the RAM, you’ll notice that each kit has a limited number engraved on the side. We got set number 25. Corsair hasn’t said how many units it will make, but told us it will have a finite run.

The RAM came in a 4x8GB kit, which allows you to run the memory in a quad-channel configuration for increased memory bandwidth, provided your motherboard supports it.

The heat spreaders features orange accents coupled with a heat-treated aesthetic that attempts to mimic the look of high-performance hot rods.

The sticks use Corsair’s Dual-path Heat Xchange (DHX) cooling technology via its large heat spreaders. Because the sticks are so tall, the RAM may not fit into tight PC configurations that require low-profile memory.

The RAM kit supports Corsair Link, which allows you to monitor temperatures from the OS.

Here’s what the RAM looks like plugged in. As you can see, it features built-in lighting above its heat spreaders.

Do you like the look of Corsair’s Special Edition RAM kit? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: GameSpot


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