Steam’s Next Free Weekend Game And Deals Announced

Valve has revealed the Steam game that users can play for free this weekend is Guild of Dungeoneering, a unique RPG that mixes elements of card games with dungeon crawling.

In addition to being free to play this weekend, Guild of Dungeoneering is also getting a new game mode called Trophy Trial. Described as an "all or nothing" mode, Trophy Trial has players putting their selected dungeoneers through an increasingly difficult succession of boss fights. Here’s how the press release describes the mode:

"Every time questing dungeoneers beat a boss you gain a trophy towards your high score, and that’s where the game deviously alters the rules to make things more difficult. At this time you must make a choice, take on another boss with these new rules, or head home with your current haul of trophies. If you push your luck and die in the next dungeon you score NOTHING! If you make it out with your trophies then you enter the halls of glory and your name may be written on the leaderboards! It’s all about knowing when to quit!"

Users can play Guild of Dungeoneering for free until 1 PM Pacific Time this Sunday, May 21. If you decide to purchase the game, you can download it for $6 until 10 AM PT on Monday. The game has a "mostly positive" rating on Steam; we awarded it 8/10 in our review.

Steam is also offering deals on a number of other high-profile titles this weekend. From now until Monday, players can snag Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for $25. The entire Call of Duty franchise is 50% off as well, including Black Ops III (which recently received the new Zombie Chronicles map pack) and Infinite Warfare, both of which are $30 this weekend. Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us is also on sale for $6.24 for a limited time. You can check out the full list of available deals on the Steam website.

Source: GameSpot


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