‘Elder Scrolls: Legends’ Update Adds a Spectator Mode

Elder Scrolls: Legends [Free (HD)], the CCG based on the extremely popular universe, has received another update that has added the first version of Spectator Mode. Now, you’ll be able to watch your friends screw up big time and, if you so desire, chat with them and tell them all the things they are doing wrong and why they should just quit and go play something they’re actually good at. Or you could actually try and help them, but where’s the fun in that, I ask. Jokes aside, a good Spectator Mode is an essential part of making a game ready for tournaments, so I’m glad to see Elder Scrolls: Legends starting to work on that feature.

In addition to the Spectator Mode, the update brings some changes to cards like Adoring Fan, Astrid, Beloved Squealer, Thieves’ Den, and more, and you can check them all out here. There are also some UI changes and your usual bug fixes, of course.

Source: TouchArcade


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