Alienware Unveils Its Own Line Of PC Gaming Peripherals, Available Now

Alienware is known for offering high-end pre-built PCs with a flashy aesthetic, but the company is dipping its toes back into gaming peripherals. Two keyboards and two mice from Alienware are out now in concurrence with E3 2017.

The entry level gaming mouse, called the AW558, is priced at $50 and features an on-the-fly DPI switch, two programmable side buttons, and thumb rest on the side. Three DPI setting can be swapped with the switch. The AW558 also features customizable RGB lighting.

If you want something with a few more features, Alienware offers the AW958 mouse for $80. The AW958 comes with optional weights to make the mouse heavier. It comes with swappable side grips and the left-side grips modify the mouse to either have two or six thumb buttons. Five DPI settings can be cycled through on-the-fly. The palm can also slide backward to elongate the chassis.

The AW958 on the right, and AW558 on the left.
The AW958 on the right, and AW558 on the left.
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As for gaming keyboards, Alienware has the AW568 and AW768, both of which feature KaiHua Brown mechanical switches and an aluminum steel plate atop the chassis. The AW568 goes for $90 and features five programmable macro keys on the side, and RGB lighting along the trim of the palm rest. The AW768, for $120, has a few additions like RGB backlighting on the keys, scrolling volume control, and onboard memory to assign three different profiles to the macros keys.

We’ll be scoping out new peripherals and getting our hands on them throughout E3 2017, so keep your eyes peeled on GameSpot.

Source: GameSpot


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