E3 2017: All the Hardware We Saw At E3 2017 (Day Two)

Turtle Beach showed off new wireless gaming headsets for the Xbox One and the PS4. Both of the Xbox One headsets use Microsoft’s Direct Connect technology, which makes pairing a bit simpler.

The company will offer $100 starting models for both consoles. The $150 models feature a slightly different aesthetic and leather-like ear cups.

Turtle Beach also showed off a single open-ear headset for those who like to keep one ear uncovered. This headset retails for $20.

Bionik showed off its Mantis on-ear headphones attachment for the PlayStation VR. It’s similarly designed to the Vive’s Deluxe Audio Strap’s solution and will release in July.

The Mantis also includes an over-the-ear solution that offers more sound isolation for PSVR.

Bionik is releasing a USB-to-Ethernet adaptor for the Switch’s dock.

Bionik also revealed a portable charger for the Nintendo Switch that can also has slots to charge Joy Con controllers.

Bionik is releasing some Xbox One controller attachments, called Quickshot, that will provide hair trigger shoulder buttons to standard Xbox One controllers. They feel very similar to the ones on the Xbox One Elite controller.

Bionik is releasing a tiny old-school arcade cabinet with a bunch of old retro DECO games like BurgerTime.

DisplayLink XR was at E3 showing off its wireless virtual reality solution for the HTC Vive.

VR City Zone showed off its Odyssey VR capsule, which had moving seats tailor made to showcase VR roller coaster rides.

This Xsens suit allows you to track your entire body in VR.

Plantronics showed off a variety of new gaming headsets geared for the Xbox that all support Dolby Atmos out of the box. Other Xbox gaming headsets that support Dolby Atmos require you to pay a one-time fee.

This is the company’s RIG 600LX.

This is Plantronics RIG 400LX, which offers three EQ modes and noise-isolating ear cups.

This is Plantronics’ high-end RIG 800LX headset for the Xbox. The company says the wireless headset offers 24 hours of battery life.

This is Astro’s A10 gaming headset. It supports the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The company advertises the headset’s flexibility and durability. It’s launching for $60.

Nvidia was powering the PC version of Destiny 2 at 4K 60FPS with systems that were equipped with GeForce GTX 1080 Tis.

NZXT showed off a glowing RGB system to promote its BLD initiative, which allows customers tweak PC builds on NZXT.com based on their budget and the games they would like to play.

Evil Controllers showed off its Evil Shift controller modifications. It offers a bunch of the enhancements to stock Xbox One controllers that are on the $150 Xbox One Elite solution. The most notable one is the ability to swap out the sticks for different height solutions. It also offers faster actuating shoulder and face buttons.

The Evil Shift controller also adds four programmable paddle buttons on the back.

Evil Controller also offers the same modifications to Sony’s PlayStation 4 controller as well.

Here are the four programmable paddle buttons on the back of the PlayStation 4 controller that allow you to essentially press face buttons while both your thumbs are on the control sticks.

This is Hyperkin’s wireless gun inspired by Nintendo’s Duck Hunt gun. HTC had it at its booth with a Vive tracker attached to it demoing VR game Duck Season.

Source: GameSpot


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