E3 2017: Nintendo Announces Another New 3DS Game

Nintendo casually unveiled another new game during its E3 2017 Treehouse livestream. This one is titled Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido, and it’s coming to 3DS in 2018.

The title is described as an “action-puzzle” game. Players stand behind a conveyor belt, matching up plates to eat the sushi and throwing the empty plates at their opponent. You can watch the debut trailer–and listen to its amazing music–above.

Sushi Striker is developed by IndiesZero. Among other titles, the studio is known for its work on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Retro Game Challenge, and NES Remix.

Sushi Striker is the second surprise 3DS game Nintendo announced during its Treehouse livestream; the first, Metroid: Samus Returns, was unveiled after the company’s E3 2017 presentation. You can read our impressions of that title here. For other news, videos, and impressions from this year’s show, be sure to check our E3 2017 hub.

Source: GameSpot


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