Netmarble’s ‘Lineage2 Revolution’ MMORPG Soft Launched

Netmarble is working on an open-world mobile action-RPG in the Lineage series for mobile, and have soft launched it on iOS. Lineage2 Revolution will have you playing in real-time with other people, undergoing quests, fighting monsters, teaming up with others for raids, and more. Netmarble is claiming this is the largest open-world game on mobile. It looks pretty impressive thus far, and considering how there seems to be a real craving for MMORPGs on mobile, perhaps this could finally be the one to scratch the itch?

You’ll be able to voice chat, join clans, and participate in PVP raids, along with all the other MMORPG goodness. If you are intrigued, you can check this one out right now in the Singapore, Hong Kong, and Philippines App Stores. We have a guide on how to download soft launch games if you don’t know. We also have a forum thread where you can chat about the game with other folks.

Philippines iTunes Link: Lineage2 Revolution

Source: TouchArcade


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