Destiny 2 PlayStation Exclusive Content Won’t Come to Xbox One X or PC Until 2018 –

Destiny 2 PlayStation Exclusive Content Won’t Come to Xbox One X or PC Until 2018

by Matthew Hayes | June 15, 2017


Destiny 2 is at the center of a pretty heated discussion at the moment. Fans planning on purchasing an Xbox One X, the world’s most powerful console, are concerned that Bungie may be holding the game back due to deals with Sony. The idea is that the game can’t run better on Microsoft’s console than it does on PlayStation 4, since Sony and Activision have such strong ties. Bungie says this is nonsense, and we’re inclined to believe them. Bungie explained that it would never withhold performance due to a partnership. Content, on the other hand, is a different story:

Destiny 2 director Luke Smith tweeted today that Destiny 2’s PlayStation exclusive content won’t be coming to Xbox One, Xbox One X, or PC until 2018. This was terrible timing, considering the ongoing conversation about Sony and Bungie keeping Xbox One X owners from getting the full Destiny 2 experience. An experience that they feel entitled to, since they’re paying the same amount of money to play the game as players on PlayStation 4.

This is nothing new, and we’ve seen Activision give very generously to PlayStation gamers while withholding content from their players on Xbox. Your author is a multi-console owning fan of both companies, so I’m not trying to swing opinion one way or the other, but the majority of fans are getting sick of this kind of practice. Luke’s announcement was met with no shortage of angry comments and poignant gifs.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, on the other hand, has stated outright that he’s not a fan of these kinds of deals. “I don’t know what deals get written,” he said in an interview with Eurogamer. “I’ve been pretty open about, I’m not a fan of doing deals that hold back specific pieces of content from other platforms. You don’t see that in the deals we’ve done with Assassin’s and Shadow. We’ll have a marketing deal on those, but I don’t say, hey, I need some kind of Strike or skin somebody else can’t play.”

So now you know. Destiny 2 is best played on Xbox One X… Unless you you want to wait a year for certain bits of content.

By Matthew Hayes

Source: xbox one – Google News


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