Destiny 2’s PS4-Exclusive Content Is Due Out Next Year On Xbox One And PC

Much like the first game, Destiny 2 will offer exclusive content to PlayStation players. That means everyone on systems other than PS4–which now includes not just Xbox One, but also PC–will have to wait to get their hands on an additional Strike and multiplayer map, among other things. While that remains unfortunate for players on those other platforms, we do now have a better idea of when to expect that content to debut.

Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith shared the news on Twitter, stating, “Destiny 2’s PlayStation-exclusive content will arrive on Xbox One and PC in 2018.” He unfortunately didn’t get more specific than that, but it does still provide us with new information. When PS4-exclusive content was first announced, Activision said it would remain exclusive “until at least Fall 2018,” which left the door open for it to remain unavailable on Xbox One and PC for even longer than a year. Combining that with what Smith said, you can expect the content to be out between September and December 2018.

We learned this week exactly what PS4 players will get their hands on first. The biggest piece of content is the Lake of Shadows Strike, but there’s also a Crucible map called Retribution, an Exotic sniper rifle called Borealis, armor, and a ship. You can get a glimpse of all this in the trailer above.

E3 has also brought other Destiny 2 news, including word that the PS4 and Xbox One versions will launch a bit earlier than expected. Meanwhile, the PC version won’t be out until October, almost two months later. Additionally, Guided Games won’t allow you to take part in Heroic activities, and we now know when the beta begins on consoles.

Source: GameSpot


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