E3 2017: Nintendo Switch Version Of Rogue Trooper Redux Aiming For “Complete Feature Parity”

Rebellion’s Strange Brigade might not be coming to Nintendo Switch, but another one of the publisher’s games is. Rogue Trooper Redux, a remaster of the 2006 shooter, is headed to Nintendo’s hybrid console. And now, Rebellion has confirmed that it’s hoping that the Switch version will have all the same major features as the Xbox One, PS4, and PC editions.

"We’re aiming for complete feature parity with those versions," a spokesperson for Rogue Trooper Redux told GameSpot at E3 this week. "As of now, we don’t know what extra features [the Switch version] will have, if any. We’re still experimenting with the Switch platform. It’s still pretty recent that we got our kits. So we don’t quite know what that will be."

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One thing is for sure, though: Rogue Trooper Redux will have online multiplayer for the Switch version, just like on other platforms. Another important note is that Rebellion is aiming to launch all versions of the game at the same time. This is Rebellion’s hope at the moment, though things can always change.

For those just catching up, Rogue Trooper Redux stars the character Rogue, from the comic series 2000 AD, who is a super-soldier bred for killing. The new version of the game has been "remade from the ground up with current-gen-quality materials and higher resolution geometry." Rogue’s new look in Redux takes him back to the classic style of the comics.

Rebellion, the developer of the original Rogue Trooper, has partnered with UK studio TickTock Games for Redux. It’s the first time a non-Rebellion team has worked on a 2000 AD game.

A release date has not been announced, but Rebellion has said fans can expect it "soon." Today is the final day of E3, but GameSpot is not finished reporting from the show, so keep checking back all the time for the latest.

Source: GameSpot


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