E3 2017: Watch 12 Minutes Of Ace Combat 7 Gameplay

Bandai Namco showed off 12 more minutes of gameplay for the next installment in its long-running Ace Combat series, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. As you can see from the footage above, the aerial combat sim has never looked better.

Ace Combat 7 is a return to roots of sorts for the series, trading the real-world settings of the more recent installments for the"strangereal" universe of classic Ace Combat games.

Ace Combat 7 was originally slated to arrive later this year, but Bandai Namco recently delayed the title to 2018. The game is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC and will feature some exclusive PS4 content in the form of PSVR missions. You can watch Ace Combat director Kazutoki Kono talk more about the title here. For even more on the aerial combat sim, check out our interview with Kono that touches on the importance of recapturing the spirit of the series, among other topics.

Source: GameSpot


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