Max Brass is the latest fighter in Arms for the Nintendo Switch

Plus details on DLC

Nintendo showed off Max Brass, a new character in their Nintendo Switch fighting game, Arms, during their E3 2017 livestream today.

Every character in Arms has a unique ability and his trait allows him to not flinch when he takes attacks when his arms are charged up. Characters in the game like Master Mummy have this as a default trait, but Max Brass can use this skill any time he charges. And like another character, Spring Man, Max Brass gains permanently charged arms when he is below 20 percent health.

Nintendo confirmed that this new character will be available next month as part of the DLC plan for Arms. After the release, the game is getting DLC in June that will add a spectator mode, much like the one used in the Arms Open Invitational tournament.

Arms comes out on June 16 on the Nintendo Switch. If you’re interested in this game, you can read our Arms review.

Source: Polygon – Full


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