Metal Gear Survive Doesn’t Understand the Series’ Strengths

No one really asked for Metal Gear Survive. The base-building, wave-based co-op survival game is a major departure from the tactical espionage action that has earned the series such critical acclaim over the years, and without a riveting story directed by Hideo Kojima and team’s unique brand of weird, it just doesn’t feel right. But even with my fangirl gripes, my 30 minute session with this odd spin-off’s four-player co-op wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be — it just wasn’t very interesting.

This admittedly early build still felt a little unbalanced and stiff, but the squad dynamic and loadout customization have the potential to create some fun multiplayer moments. I just can’t shake the feeling that other Metal Gear games, including Metal Gear Online, have already nailed most of these same elements, but better.

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Source: IGN PC Articles


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