Watch The ‘Xbox One X’ E3 Reveal Trailer – Forbes


Microsoft’s new console isn’t the Scorpio, after all. It’s the Xbox One X, which is a whole lot of X’s. XXX actually, which sounds a little dirty.

Fortunately, the Xbox One X lives up to the name. It’s a sexy beast, and the games Microsoft has shown off so far today all look tremendous in native 4K. Forza 7 in 60 fps in native 4K is stunning. Assassin’s Creed Origins looks beautiful. And Metro Exodus was a great way to open the show.

In any case enjoy the reveal trailer. I’ll have lots more to talk about after the show. So far, though, Microsoft and the Xbox team under the leadership of Phil Spencer seem to be hitting all the right notes. Content and power. This is the Xbox we wanted, and the sort of machine that can finally put some pressure on Sony and the PS4.

As a side note, it’s interesting that they’re billing it almost as a brand new console. Xbox One games are “backwards compatible” with the X. This is very different from Sony’s low-profile upgrade in the PS4 Pro.

Watch the Microsoft press conference livestream here. Check out our live-blog here.

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Source: xbox one – Google News


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