Talk Tactics With the ‘Brawl Stars’ Community on Our ‘Brawl Stars’ Discord Server

Brawl Stars

was only revealed less than two days ago, however it’s been awesome to see how the game has become so popular in such a short space of time, and not solely because of its impressive pedigree. The first

Brawl Stars tournament

has already taken place, the game has

soft launched in Canada

, and with

four substantial game modes

and a surprising amount of variation for a MOBA title, Supercell’s latest major release shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In our

extensive hands-on with Brawl Stars

, we were impressed with how the short play sessions and variation of both characters and maps made it incredibly difficult to put it down, and if you’re equally enthralled by the game or want to learn more about the best techniques,

come join our lively Brawl Stars Discord Server.

I shouldn’t be too surprised based on the impressive catalogue of titles that the developer has released thus far, but Supercell have really done it again with Brawl Stars. The intuitive shooting action is easy to grasp and extremely accessible even for those who may not be fans of MOBAs, and even in this early beta stage Brawl Stars is polished and very close to the finished product. On our Brawl Stars Discord Server, forum veterans and new faces alike have engaged in some fascinating discussion over the mechanics and intricacies of the game, and there are even some TouchArcade clans going strong at this early stage that any readers are very welcome to join. Whether you’ve already immersed yourself in the world of Brawl Stars through the Canadian soft launch (take a look at our guide for downloading the game if you haven’t already), or if you’re just interested in the evolving metagame around the App Store’s newest MOBA, be sure to swing by our Brawl Stars Discord Server and chat with our welcoming and vibrant community!

Source: TouchArcade


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