Rainbow Six Siege update: PS4 and Xbox One players get FULL 1.31 patch changes – Express.co.uk

The latest Rainbow Six Siege update has been running on PC for sometime now and has only now reach PS4 and Xbox One players.

Ubisoft warned they would be trying to deploy the new patch for consoles around June 20, meaning they’re a day early in their schedule.

This new update provides some major changes to the game, including the hitbox rework, which should make dying from a stray shot to the clothing a little less likely.

“There will be a redesign of the hitboxes for all operators. The new design will make it so the hitbox only includes what you would think of as the human body.

“This means that baggy clothing, pouches, headgear, bags, accessories, etc. will not be included in the hitbox of all Operators. This change will impact present and future operators, and will allow for a full artistic freedom on character models and customization without a heavy impact on gameplay balancing.”

Spawn Kill exploits is another area of the game under the microscope which Ubisoft hope to reduce and eventually remove from the game.

“Spawn killing is one of the least fun experiences, and focus of Operation Health’s first updates is resolving exploitable issues, especially relating to spawn killing. 

“We have identified three locations where players can be spawn killed on Chalet by the Campfire spawn, on Kanal with the line of sight from Control Room, and on Consulate where defenders could jump out of a window and get line of sight on a spawn. 

“We are always excited to see our players find new ways to advance our game, but not when it makes it a less fun experience for other players. 

“We are aware of other Spawn Kill locations and are working on addressing them for upcoming updates.”

General bug fixes and putting an end to known bug fixes was another area of the game Ubisoft hoped to improve with their first major Operation Health deployment.

“This includes weird bugs like being able to melee kill others through Mira’s One Way Mirror or being able to hide Kapkan’s EDD in certain parts of the environment. 

“However, this also includes design changes where players were able to destroy a part of the map for a one-way line of sight. We hope resolving these issues mean a more enjoyable experience for all.”

Other changes include more stability, and faster matchmaking results, Glaz’s chainging shots have been nerfed, Glaz’s Dragunov recoil and elastic time has been increased, error related to timing out on servers.

A list of bug fixes can be found below for the new Rainbow Six Siege update, it should be noted that the new update will be focused on issues with Hibana, Smoke grenade replication, aiming consistency, Alpha Pack Deployment, and other long-persisting issues.

Source: xbox one – Google News


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