Seth Rollins is WWE 2K18’s cover star

Two special editions also announced

Seth Rollins, the WWE mega-heel who skillfully parlayed a Money In The Bank entitlement into his first world championship at Wrestlemania 31, is the cover star for WWE 2K18.

2K Sports announced the cover choice this morning, following the WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view showcase last night. Rollins has wrestled for the company since 2012, beginning as its inaugural NXT champion. He has been a part of the WWE’s video game roster since 2K Sports picked up the license with WWE 2K14.

WWE 2K18 is slated for an Oct. 17 launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, meaning the game isn’t coming to Windows PC, PS3 or Xbox 360 as its predecessors did.

"In determining who truly represents WWE 2K18 to the fullest extent, there was one obvious answer: Seth Freakin Rollins," Chris Snyder, 2K Sports’ marketing boss, said in a statement.

2K Sports announced two special editions as well; a deluxe and collector’s edition, both of which let users play the game four days prior to release, similar to the pre-order promotions 2K runs for its NBA franchise.

2K Sports

Source: Polygon – Xbox One


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