Ubisoft’s ‘South Park: Phone Destroyer’ Soft Launches in Select European Countries

Among the few hidden surprises in the world of mobile at E3 was the announcement of an upcoming Ubisoft mobile game titled South Park: Phone Destroyer. Well, the game is now soft launched in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. It seems to combine Clash Royale-ish [Free] card-based action gameplay with the world of South Park. I’m curious what the monetization is going to like once I get deeper into it, as South Park has had entire episodes focusing on how exploitative free to play games are.

If you’ve got an iTunes account in any of the regions the game is available in, give it a download and drop some first impressions in the thread in our forum. It’s hard to say how long the game will be in soft launch, but, considering the big push at E3 it wouldn’t surprise me if Ubisoft wants to get Phone Destroyer out to the world ASAP.

Soft Launch Link: South Park: Phone Destroyer, Free

Source: TouchArcade


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