Hitman’s prologue is now free to play

Expect killer discounts on consoles and PC

The opening two missions of IO Interactive’s Hitman, collectively called “ICA Facility,” will be available to download for free starting today. All episodes of the game’s first season will go on sale as well.

IO Interactive is offering the price drop as its “first hello as an independent studio,” according to CEO Hakan Abrak. IO’s former parent company Square Enix dropped ties with the studio last month, resulting in cuts to staff. Last week, IO announced that the studio would retain the Hitman IP and release new games independently.

“ICA Facility” acts as a prologue and tutorial to the game’s main episodes. The player controls Agent 47 as he completes his initial assassination training with the shadowy ICA. It was previously only available with Hitman’s first episode, “Paris.”

Each of Hitman’s seven episodes are also on sale this week, with discounts up to 60 percent. The sale is already live on the Xbox Marketplace, where the full game is $24. Each episode can be purchased individually as well at $4 a pop. Sales will hit the PlayStation Store and Steam later today.

Source: Polygon – Full


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