Microsoft reveal why Xbox One Backwards Compatibility is going offline with Xbox 360 –

The tech giant confirmed earlier this week that they had plans to perform maintenance on Xbox Live, which would only affect Xbox 360 users.

However, it should be noted that on Tuesday, June 20 between 9am BST and 11:00am BST (4:00AM ET and 6:00AM ET), Microsoft will be performing scheduled maintenance that will affect Xbox 360 titles AND other services.

This unfortunately means the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility services as well.

“All other Xbox One titles and services will not be affected,” Microsoft confirm.  

“If you’re playing an Xbox 360 title during the maintenance, you may be disconnected from Xbox Live one or more times.”

As stated above, the maintenance is only scheduled to last around two hours and its timing should help reduce the amount of people affected by it.

No new Backwards Compatible games have been announced recently, although a major news drop was shared during E3 2017.

During the Xbox briefing live stream, it was revealed by Xbox chief Phil Spencer that the company had plans to bring original Xbox games into the program.

The Xbox Backwards Compatibility for the Xbox One and Xbox One X will drop later this year – but it will NOT be as extensive as Xbox 360 backwards compatibility lineup.

At the moment, there are 386 Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox One after the feature was announced at the Microsoft E3 conference in June 2015.

It was launched in November of that year with 104 Xbox 360 games supported to begin with.

The smaller library of compatible games explains why Microsoft did not make as big a deal out of it.

Spencer gave two reasons for the smaller library of compatible original Xbox games on the Xbox One and Xbox One X.

He said it was partly because it is more difficult to tie up rights issues surrounding the old games.

He also said – from a technical point of view – it is more difficult to pull off.

Source: xbox one – Google News


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