‘Pokemon GO’ Big Gym and Raid Update Going Live Now

Pokemon GO [Free] players, get ready because the huge update that’s going to overhaul big parts of the game is rolling out now for both Android and iOS. If you haven’t read our story yesterday, this new Pokemon GO update will add the new motivation system to Gyms as well as add a new Gym Badge feature and in-app and push notifications for Gyms. The game is also getting Raid Battles, a cooperative experience that should be a great way to play the game this summer. The update is also adding four new items that you can only get by completing Raid Battles and adding a Raids tab to the Nearby screen.

The update is also adding some smaller but useful features like search functionality to Pokemon collection screen and visual indicators to unvisited PokeStops. There are a lot more features and improvements coming to the game, so make sure you check our story. And remember, Pokemon GO updates do take a while to propagate, so be patient. In the meantime, visit our Discord Server and forum thread to chat with like-minded Pokemon GO players.

Source: TouchArcade


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