Video: Performance Over Resolution – Digital Foundry Tackles Super Mario Odyssey

When we played Splatoon 2 earlier in the year there was a little disgruntlement that it was running at 720p when docked, with the flipside that it was rocking along at 60fps with nary a dropped frame. That was back in March, yet during E3 Nintendo stated the game is now 1080p docked, and even in lower-resolution streams the visuals certainly looked to have a bit of extra pop.

So why is that relevant? Well, perhaps the same will happen with Super Mario Odyssey. Our colleagues at Digital Foundry have been assessing the E3 demo of the platformer, and pinned down a 720p native resolution when docked, with a near-perfect 60fps (there are a small number of dips in New Donk City). With the game not out until October and bearing in mind the progress with Splatoon 2, perhaps Nintendo will squeeze out more docked performance for a 900p or 1080p output in the final game; naturally it’ll be 720p to match the screen when in portable mode.

Check out the video below for full details.

Of course, the broader question is whether framerate or image quality matters more – when it comes to Nintendo games, especially platformers, this writer will always argue for the former. Not everyone will agree with that, of course.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Nintendo Life


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