Xbox One X games: Bad news for fans of THIS Microsoft blockbuster –

Xbox One X will be without one of Microsoft’s flagship titles for quite some time.

It’s bad news for Halo fans, who have been told by 343 Industries that Halo 6 won’t be announced any time soon.

“While there’s little to nothing that can be said on that front, it’s been made clear that we won’t be talking about Halo’s next major title for quite some time,” reads a 343 Industries blog post.

“And no, that doesn’t mean Gamescom. Or PAX. Trust us, when we’re ready to begin pulling back that proverbial curtain, you’ll know. It won’t be soon.”

There were rumours of a Halo reveal taking place during the Microsoft conference at E3 2017.

343 had said that something would be announced, but it turned out to be an expansion for Halo Wars 2.

Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare is described as a full expansion experience with a new story that takes place after the main campaign.

It also features a new addition to the Firefight mode, which 343 describes as terrifying.

“Trust me, when the Flood swarms in, it swarms in. It’s kind terrifying, like watching a horde of fresh baby spiders erupt from their egg casing and swarm across your room,” reads a 343 post.

There’s also two new Banished Brute Leaders and another couple of multiplayer maps.

During Microsoft’s E3 2017 conference, it was revealed that the Xbox One X would have a November 7 release date and $499 price tag. UK customers will pay $499.

The console is being touted as the most powerful ever, and will support true 4K gaming.

However, as Microsoft points out, super sampling means that Xbox One X games will look better on regular HD TVs.

It was also revealed that all of the original Xbox One accessories will be compatible with the Xbox One X.

Source: xbox one – Google News


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