Oculus Rift headset and controller bundle gets a steep discount for a limited time

Seven games included

Oculus is offering a $399 bundle that significantly discounts what one would otherwise pay for the virtual reality headset and its Touch controllers. It’s available for a limited time according to the company’s website.

The bundle starts with the Oculus VR headset, two Touch controllers and two sensors supporting them. It also packs in seven games, a remote, an Xbox One controller and a connector for Rock Band VR‘s guitar controller. Overall, it’s $200 off what the hardware would cost if bought separately.

The seven bundled games are Dead and Buried, Dragon Front, Lucky’s Tale, Medium, Robo Recall, Quill and Toybox. They unlock once the user sets up a Rift and the Touch controllers.

The pricing makes the system competitive with the PlayStation VR, whose current MSRP is $399.99 and it does not include the required PlayStation Camera (though some retailers offer bundles that include it). Of course, the Oculus Rift also requires a PC gaming system capable of supporting it and the sensors that provide a room-scale experience. PC specifications are available on the Oculus site.

Source: Polygon – Full


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