Amazon Prime Day Has Cool Accessories On Sale – You Can Help TouchArcade at the Same Time

If you’re an Amazon Prime member (or are willing to sign up for the free 30-day trial), you should take advantage of Prime Day, Amazon’s one-day sale on a ton of stuff, and there are some good deals for iPhone and iPad related accessories. And you can help TouchArcade while you’re taking advantage of the sale. For instance, there’s the Nulaxy Dual Foldable Stand that will work with your iPads, iPhones, and Switch for $13.99. I have a stand like that, and it’s very useful for when you want to use your MFi controller or just playing a game that only needs occasional screen taps. You can also get the Anker PowerCore (10000mAh or 13000mAh) for pretty cheap, and those are great for gaming on the go.

If you, like me, have a ton of devices, you can also pick up the Okra 7-port charging station for $35.00. There’s a ton of other deals to find—cases, car chargers, and much more—so go shop. And remember, use this TouchArcade Amazon link to do your Amazon Prime Day shopping. By doing so, we’ll get a small kickback from Amazon at absolutely no cost to you. It’s a great way of supporting TouchArcade!

Source: TouchArcade


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