Awful Squad: Trivia Night!

The Squad must do battle in PUBG against soldiers, zombies and the dastardly General Knowledge

They’ve taken on military experts, the undead and themselves. But today in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds they face their greatest challenge of all: Questions from a 1998 episode of Jeopardy! Welcome to Awful Squad: Trivia Night!

Today’s Awful Squad attendees include:

  • Griffin McElroy
  • Simone de Rochefort
  • Justin McElroy
  • Travis McElroy (eventually)
  • Clayton Ashley
  • Russ Frushtick

No idea what Awful Squad is? Play catch-up with the series, as a bunch of Polygon staffers and friends team up for some truly terrible matches of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

If you like this sort of video content, perhaps you’d enjoy Polygon’s many video series, including Monster Factory, Please Retweet, Touch the Skyrim, SEO Play, Issue at Hand, Fold Yeller and Let’s Go to Hell. Also be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for handy alerts when we do something cool. Hell, maybe you’ll be the star of the next episode of Awful Squad!

Source: Polygon – Full


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