Injustice 2 Sub Zero release LIVE for PS4 and Xbox One Fighter … –

Injustice 2 will see the launch of its second DLC character tomorrow, July 11, on PS4 and Xbox One.

The new Sub-Zero DLC includes some pretty nifty moves, with Netherrealm recently showing off the Cryomancer’s ice klone combos and other defensive abilities.

But while the Injustice 2 Sub Zero release date has been set, it’s still not known what exact time the new character will go live.

As the studio is runs on US Central Time, it’s possible we could see a launch in the UK at around 6am.

That would only be if Netherrealm decide to release Sub Zero at midnight, which isn’t something that has happened in the past.

More could be confirmed on the subject ahead of time, some fans have already started seeing a pre-download option pop up.

So far it appears to be limited to Australia and New Zealand but it’s likely to start rolling out further on PS4 and Xbox One in the coming hours.

Those who have been able to download Sub Zero can’t actually access him yet in-game, so fans will have to wait for the official launch.

A new Watchtower stream is planned for July 11 at around 9pm UK time, however, this will be focused on the mobile game.

Ahead of launch, fans on Reddit have put together a list of Sub Zero abilities, which can be found below:

Barrier of Frost (Level 10) – An ice shield forms in front of Sub-Zero that will parry the opponent’s attack & absorb projectiles. Meter Burning Barrier of Frost will freeze the opponent.

Ice Port (Level 20) – Sub-Zero quickly teleports & reappears behind or away from opponent.

Hammer Slam – Meter Burning Air Frost Hammer will launch the opponent into the air allowing for follow up.

Frozen Aura – Encases Sub-Zero’s body with ice allowing him to take less damage & inflict damage to opponent that strike him.

Klone Charge – Able to launch deadly Ice Clones at his opponent, while on the ground. Meter Burning Klone charge will launch that Klone across the entire arena.

Air Klone Kick – Able to launch deadly Ice Klones at his opponent, while in the air. Meter Burning Air Klone Kick will cause the opponent to bounce & allow for a follow up attack.

Ground Freeze (2 Slots) – Creates a patch of ice on the ground that causes the opponent to slip & fall. Meter Burning 

Ground Freeze will cover a larger area of the arena with ice & cause the player to freeze in place.

Source: xbox one – Google News


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