Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Getting Steelbook Dual Pack

The next pair of Pokemon titles, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, are slated to arrive for 3DS on November 17, and like their predecessors, it looks like players who want both versions will be able to snag a bundle. Amazon Canada has listed a special edition steelbook dual pack for $100 CAD.

Like the steelbook bundle for the original Sun and Moon versions, the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon dual pack includes a physical copy of both games and features the Legendary cover monsters, Solgaleo and Lunala, adorning the outer sides of the steelbook case. You can see images of the steelbook, taken from the Amazon product page, below.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were revealed during a special Pokemon Direct broadcast the week before E3 2017, though details on the games are still scant. According to series director Junichi Masuda, the upcoming pair are set in the same world as the first Sun and Moon but tell an "alternate story." The games also include new features, though Masuda didn’t elaborate on what those entail. He did, however, confirm that some Pokemon that didn’t appear in the original Sun and Moon versions can be found in the upcoming pair.

While Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon may be exclusive to 3DS, Nintendo has revealed two other Pokemon titles that are on the way for Switch. The first, Pokken Tournament DX, is a deluxe version of the Wii U/arcade fighting game and releases for the system on September 22. Nintendo also confirmed during its E3 presentation that Game Freak is already developing a new mainline Pokemon RPG for the hybrid console, though it "may not arrive for more than a year."

Source: GameSpot


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