Stranger Things season two will arrive a little earlier than expected, gets new teaser

It’s going to get dark

Stranger Things will return a little earlier than expected.

Netflix released a new teaser for the show’s second season, confirming that it will return on Oct. 27. Prior to today’s teaser, which can be seen below, Netflix said the season would debut on Halloween, which many took to mean Oct. 31.

Now, however, Netflix is clarifying that the season will arrive around Halloween. This makes sense considering that Oct. 27 lands on a Friday, making it the most ideal date for the network to release the season.

The new trailer doesn’t give away too much, but we do get to see our favorite residents of Hawkins peddling their legs out down an empty road. The sky, which is covered in an ominous red and purple hue, seems to hint at what’s to come from the Upside Down.

Stranger Things’ cast has said multiple times that this season will be scarier and darker than the last season, all of which can be assumed based on this short teaser.

Source: Polygon – Full


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