Worlds Adrift Is a Riveting Sky-Pirate Adventure

We knew it was probably game over when the wind yanked the compass off our airship’s dashboard and flung it into the cloudy wastes below. Frankly, very little was going according to plan. I was on a developer-made airship in the upcoming survival MMORPG Worlds Adrift, a game about crafting airships and using them to explore numerous floating islands, and by rights we should have sailed through the storm wall we’d intentionally entered as smoothly as butter. New islands awaited if we could only make it to the other side! New adventures and resources! But no. We lost our bearings, even though the developers did their best to repair the sails and engines by grappling heroically to the underside of the ship in the midst of the storm. Our vessel was a mess, and somehow we found ourselves on the same side of the storm we’d gone through.

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Source: IGN PC Articles


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