IGN Prime Members: Get Your Destiny 2 Beta Code Here


See you in the Strike, Guardians.

As part of our ongoing month of IGN First coverage on Destiny 2, Bungie and Activision have been kind enough to provide 5,000 beta codes for IGN Prime members! Unfortunately even that large quantity isn’t enough to give one to every single Prime member, so these codes will be first-come, first-served. Click here to get yours! Simply redeem it on Bungie’s website and choose your platform and you’ll be able to jump in as soon as your preferred platform’s beta kicks off. Thank you so much for being an IGN Prime member!

If you’re not an IGN Prime member, don’t worry: IGN Fireteam Chat has you covered and will also be distributing codes on Twitter, our YouTube show page, and on IGN Live during our Beta stream next week on July 18th.

Be sure to subscribe to Fireteam Chat on YouTube (and set your notifications in your apps!) to track when we go live with our next episode on July 14th at 5pm PT/8pm ET.

Also, be sure to follow Fireteam Chat on Twitter. And if you’ve missed any of our month-long IGN First coverage on Destiny 2, get caught up!

Source: IGN Video Games


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