Looking for People to Play with in the New ‘Street Fighter’? Our ‘Street Fighter IV Champion Edition’ Discord Server Is the Place to Be

Late last night Street Fighter IV Championship Edition [$4.99] hit the App Store. Jared posted a review of the game early this morning, and it’s a great mobile fighter. We’ve had our hands on a pre-release copy of the game for a while now, and Jared and Carter were easily able to play multiplayer battles via Discord. Much like its predecessor, Street Fighter IV Volt [$4.99], organizing multiplayer outside the game is way, way easier than doing it inside the game. In fact, the forum thread for people hooking up to play Volt together is one of the most popular forum threads of all time. These days, Discord [Free] is the new hotness, and really just works better than forums for time sensitive stuff- Like realtime fights in Street Fighter. If that sounds like something you’re into, join our Street Fighter IV Championship Edition Discord server!


The TouchArcade Discord Server is an all around great time. We’ve got hundreds of people spread across channels for iOS gaming, the Nintendo Switch, and other things… But what has really taken off is people playing Brawl Stars together. If you’ve never heard of Discord, imagine IRC combined with Skype with all sorts of modern quality of life improvements. It can run via an app on your phone, a program on your PC, or just in your browser if you’re looking something to waste time on at work.

So, for real, come check out the TouchArcade Discord Server.

Source: TouchArcade


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