Playdius Adds More Games to Its Switch eShop Line-Up

A while ago we shared an update on four upcoming Switch eShop games that are set to be published by Playdius, and the company has now confirmed a key acquisition and more games that it’s bringing to the system.

As part of a Gamescom 2017 presentation unveiled in a press release, Playdius confirms that its parent company recently acquired another studio – The Sidekicks – and outlines its release plans for the coming year. Included in the list are a few games in the Switch eShop line-up that weren’t included in its previous info drop.

Details on each title can be found below.

Due in Q3 2017, this is a “top-down, single-screen racing game created as a tribute to good old games such as Super Sprint, Indy Heat or Super Off Road.” There are 10 tracks, eight cars, local multiplayer options, time trials and leaderboards. It looks simplistic, but if it’s a budget price we can certainly envisage it being rather fun.

This looks rather quirky, as you work through more than 20 levels in which various play styles are used for rhythm-based gameplay. There’ll be story, arcade and scoring modes, along with the option for co-op play. The developers also state that there’s a “full new vision of the game” to be shown since the 2015 trailer that you can see above.

This is a game we’d heard of previously, but now we know Playdius is publishing and that there’s a release window of Q3 2017. It’s a colourful 2D platformer with Time Attack and Speedrun options for those that master the core campaign.

Do any of these titles catch your eye?

Source: Nintendo Life


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