Super Meat Boy Creator’s Harrowing New Platformer The End Is Nigh Out Now

The End is Night, the new 2D platformer from the two creators of Super Meat Boy and Closure, is out now on PC, with a release on Nintendo Switch (and possibly other consoles) coming in the future. You can download the game on Steam for $15.

The game is a sprawling platformer, where flopping appears to be your main form of attack against "decaying, mutant animal-like creatures." You play Ash, but it’s unclear just what Ash is. The game’s developers say he is one of the few things that survived the end of the world. Check out some of the gameplay in the video below.

In the end, Ash must complete an epic final quest. Like its developers’ previous games, The End is Nigh has a dose of dark humor; you collect video game cartridges and tumors along your adventure, with the intent "to simply make a friend out of pieces of people [Ash] finds along his journey."

The game has more than 600 levels over 12+ chapters. There are multiple endings, many extras, achievements, and "stress," according to the developer. Follow our coverage here for the latest updates on the Nintendo Switch and possible other console releases as soon as they’re announced.

Source: GameSpot


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