Big Xbox One Update Out Today, Here’s What It Adds – GameSpot

Microsoft has detailed the next update for Xbox One, and it’s a rather sizable one. The update rolls out today and will add custom gamerpics and a number of other new features to the console.

With today’s update, you’ll be able to upload your own images to use as custom Xbox One avatars. You can upload the images directly from your console, smartphone, or a Windows 10 PC and then use them as a gamerpic. You can also use the images you’ve uploaded for your Club’s background and profile pic.

In addition to that, today’s update adds the ability to co-stream on Xbox One. Up to three users can stream together in a single broadcast using the console’s Mixer service. You can invite another user to co-stream with you by simply selecting the option from that user’s profile. Microsoft has also added a Mixer tab to Club homepages, making it easier for Xbox One players to find other streams.

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For those who share their Xbox One with other users, today’s update also lets you link your profile to a specific controller, allowing you to sign in to the console automatically each time you use it. To link a certain controller to your profile, use it to go to the Settings menu and select “Sign-in, security & passkey.” After that, select “This controller signs in” and then “Link controller” to complete the process.

The update adds other new features as well, including the ability for players to set up their own tournaments in Killer Instinct, as well as the ability to share Looking-for-Group requests on the Xbox iOS and Android app. You can find even more details about today’s update on Major Nelson’s blog.

Source: xbox one – Google News

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