‘Elder Scrolls: Legends’ Monthly Chaos Arena Returns Tomorrow

Get ready some plenty of madness and craziness as the monthly Chaos Arena returns to Elder Scrolls: Legends [Free (HD)] tomorrow, July 14th. The Chaos Arena is a special event that changes how the game plays and makes for some fun times. There are randomly selected scenarios and lane conditions that make your PvP matches pretty entertaining and a nice change from the usual PvP modes. The scenarios can force players to switch decks, start with 3 additional magicka (which can really change how a deck plays), or spawn different creatures in different lanes.

There are also lane conditions different than your usual ones; for instance, one lane might transform a creature you summon into a random animal or might buff it. There are many different scenarios and lane conditions that should make for fun and interesting matches. The Chaos Arena runs between July 14th to 17th, so go check it out.

Source: TouchArcade


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