Halo 5 will be 4K on the Xbox One X – Irish Examiner

We’ve known the Xbox One X will feature 4K resolution since it was announced at E3 this year but the console’s signature title, Halo was left out of the presentation.

As a fast paced shooter, it was possible that 4K would be omitted from Halo to ensure the ideal frame rate of 60 frames per second is retained.

However, a recent announcement by 343 Industries, the game’s developer has confirmed that Halo 5 will receive an update enabling 4K on the Xbox One X.

On the Xbox One, the game used dynamic resolution scaling – dropping the video quality to keep frame rates high.

It is very possible this technology will be used again on the Xbox One X, meaning Halo 5 will only be truly 4K at times when the console isn’t overly taxed by hard to render things such as rapid movement and particle effects.

(via The Verge)

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Source: xbox one – Google News


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