In ‘Don’t Eat Us’ You Protect Children from Being Eaten, and You Can Help Test It

Don’t Eat Us is an upcoming horror-themed swiping game, which is apparently kid friendly, that will remind you a lot of Limbo in the way it uses silhouettes of children running across the screen. In Don’t Eat Us, a group of children is trying to find its way home, but they are in danger from becoming dinner for zombies, wolves, and other creatures of the night. As you play the game, you’ll find out more about the story of the children and of the game. The game gives you three lives—one per child you have to protect—and you either tap on the various creatures or use different swipes to protect those children.

The game will be coming out in August, and its developer is looking for beta testers in our forums. If you want to check out Don’t Eat Us and offer some feedback, head over here to become a beta tester.

Source: TouchArcade


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