Nintendo Switch eShop’s creepiest game is deceiving

Shephy looks cute, but it’s much darker than it seems

Last week, Arc Systems Works brought the sheep-based solitaire game Shephy to Nintendo Switch eShop. While it looks adorable and fluffy on the surface, this downloadable title’s story mode is anything but, telling a disturbing tale of … murder.

Shephy’s got several ways to play, most involving someone collecting numbered sheep cards to make it to 1,000 sheep in total before the deck runs out. The premise is a little complicated, but that’s what the tutorial and practice modes are for. There’s also an unlimited challenge mode that mixes things up a bit — along with the “Post Love” story campaign, which deviates from the rest of Shephy completely.

“Post Loves” begins with an illustrated prologue. There’s some beautiful sheep illustrations narrated by one of the farm animals, and it all seems perfectly sweet at first. Within seconds, everything changes.

“Slaughter them,” a title card reads. “Every last one.”

It turns out that the sheep’s owner has taught them more about the world than they were meant to. They were only meant to die, the off-screen devil’s advocate tells him. They know far too much for animals that only exist so that humans can use their flesh.

The story suddenly becomes a battle for survival, with the player working to save the sheep from the hell they’ve been thrust into.

“It is a time of nightmares, where death taints every moment of each lightless day,” our narrating sheep says in the next chapter. “We must flee.”

Solitaire has never been so brutally intense, but man, if this doesn’t make Shephy a thousand times more interesting than it seems at first blush, nothing will.

Watch the story mode’s cutscenes above to see just where this truly strange campaign goes. Shephy is out now on the eShop for $4.99.

Source: Polygon – Full


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