PC Version Of Fable Creator’s Beautiful Adventure Game Coming This Summer

Fable creator Peter Molyneux has been out of the spotlight for a while now, but he’s still working on new games. His studio, 22Cans, is known best for Curiosity and Godus, but it also released a cool mobile game last year called The Trail: A Frontier Journey. Today, 22Cans announced that it’s bringing the game to PC in a version called The Trail: Frontier Challenge.

The PC version will launch later this summer on Steam. It’s unclear if there are any differences between this and the mobile version, although from the announcement trailer, it looks basically identical. You can watch it above.

In The Trail, you take control of a traveler who undertakes a journey on–you guessed it–a trail. It’s more or less on-rails and linear, although you have to make decisions along the way when talking with other travelers and villagers.

It’s pretty beautiful, too, with relatively simple but stylish low-polygon art. It makes for some cool-looking environments; you can see a bit of it in the gallery below.

Molyneux has been criticized in the past for a perceived tendency to over-promise and under-deliver; this perception resulted in backlash against Godus when it first released. Back in early 2016, he spoke a bit about his experience dealing with the criticism and how 22Cans and himself have changed as a result. You can read more about it here.

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Source: GameSpot


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